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We will remove tough stains in your carpet to make it like brand new.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Bangalore

Carpets are one of the most attractive ways to decorate your house or office. It's because of the softness and comfort they bring. Carpets and rugs, on the other hand, absorb all the dirt and germs tracked into your home by shoes and pets. As a result, there is indoor air pollution and respiratory difficulties. Vacuuming alone is insufficient to eliminate the dirt and bacteria embedded in your carpet. We provide professional carpet cleaning service in Bangalore.

It is critical to clean your rugs in order to improve the hygiene and wellness of your house or office. Your carpet will appear better and feel softer as a result of this treatment. Our rug cleaning and sanitising service will also improve your home's internal ventilation and air quality. Rather of simply masking the scent, we will eliminate it by neutralising carpet scents at their source. It gives your carpet a fresh, clean scent. Our Bangalore carpet cleaners will eliminate all mites and germs from the carpet. Getting rid of the stains and grime as soon as possible can help to prevent your carpet from further damage. It will lengthen the life of your carpet.

How My Homey Carpet Cleaning Service Woks..?

We'll inspect your carpet before applying the appropriate carpet cleaning method. The most popular, safe, and effective method is to shampoo and sanitise the carpet. We use most modern technology for this. Deep vacuuming and shampooing remove all types of debris and stains. After the treatment, the carpet will be dry and chemical-free. We restore the carpet's original freshness and condition while removing all odours. The steps are as follows:

  • On-site inspection: At the customer's location, we inspect the carpet. Our staff will go over the rooms with carpeted floors and look for spots and stains. They will try to know the intensity of the stains on the inspection.
  • Pre-cleaning: The second step is to move as much furniture as possible out of the path. The movable carpets are taken to the balcony and cleaned there. As a result, you can relax in the living room.
  • Vacuuming: Our crew will vacuum the carpet to remove any soil, sand, or debris on the surface. This is crucial for achieving the greatest results.
  • Spot Treatment: We deal with all of the spots and stains that we discovered earlier. To loosen the stain, a cleaning chemical is sprayed to all the locations that require special attention.
  • Shampooing: Then, we will use the latest technology for shampooing machine for the deep cleaning of the carpet. To begin, the machine sprays shampoo on the carpet to loosen any debris that has settled deep inside the fibres. Second, it extracts the shampoo and cleans the dirt from the hair.
  • Shampooing: Then, we will use the latest technology for shampooing machine for the deep cleaning of the carpet. To begin, the machine sprays shampoo on the carpet to loosen any debris that has settled deep inside the fibres. Second, it extracts the shampoo and cleans the dirt from the hair.
  • Final inspection: We inspect the carpet one more time to ensure the finest possible outcome and client satisfaction.

Why Choose My Homey Carpet Cleaning Service?

We remove dirt, stains, and allergens with proven technology. This aids in achieving the finest potential outcomes. In addition, following the cleaning, the stink in your home is completely eradicated and neutralised. As it guards against wear and tear, the cleaning chemical employed prevents additional harm. Most essential, a strong vacuum cleaner takes all of the water from the carpet, leaving only a small amount of moisture behind. As a result, it will dry in a relatively short period.

The following are the overall details of our carpet cleaning process

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Removal of stains and watermarks
  • Carpet sanitizing
  • Carpet deodorizing
  • Prevention of potential contaminants
  • Carpet encapsulation
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Groomed carpet achieved

Being a prestigious carpet cleaning organization, we give a world class level of carpet cleaning service in Bangalore at entirely reasonable rates. In this way, assuming you are searching for reliable experts for an exhaustive tidy up, your hunt has at long last reached a conclusion.

We understand your every need and give best carpet cleaning service that you deserve. As we are among the top carpet cleaning companies in Bangalore, our primary aim and motive are to keep our customers happy, and that is what drives us to provide our clients with a world-class carpet cleaning service experience.

We clean and sanitize all kind of rugs like Persian, synthetic, woolen, and silk. We advise all to get their carpet cleaned once a year. If you think your carpet is dirty and need cleaning, book our carpet and rug, shampooing, and cleaning services at an affordable price. Either Book carpet cleaning online or CALL US Free AT +91 9895 04 0101 right away.


Why Choose My Homey Service

Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

Service available on same day

Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

Nontoxic chemicals used

Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

Most modern equipments

Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

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Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

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Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

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Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

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Carpet Cleaning Service Bangalore

My Homey unique way of cleaning your Carpet

Vacuuming with the latest equipment, which is able to remove dust from the inside, yet to be gentle to the fabrics.

Sample testing will be done to know the sensitivity of carpet.

Scrub the carpet using Carpet cleaning machine by applying an eco-friendly solution.

Removal of stains and dirt from the carpet using special carpet shampoo.

Disinfecting with eco-friendly and non-allergic solutions.

Drying process starts at the end by using a blower machine.

Drying helps to prevent microbes from spreading, because if they remain wet for a long time germs start evolving and this might cause health problems.

Odor treatment up on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes off course, My Homey unique way of cleaning carpets will eliminate foul smell from carpet. We use approved chemicals and we do odor treatment once your carpet shampooing service is completed.

It majorly depends on the type of the carpet. Cleaning a carpet or carpeted floor won’t take more than an hour but what matters is the drying time. On an average, carpet takes a minimum of 3 hours to dry. Our trained professional will make sure to clean your carpet for a lesser drying time.

We recommend you to avoid walking or placing your furniture on the carpet before it gets dry completely. Please start using the carpet once it gets dry fully.

Price will be charged depending on the size and number of carpet.

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