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Deep cleaning Service in Cochin

Getting your premises deep cleaned every now and then is of very significance, regardless of whether it is your home or office. Moving into another home or office is likewise one of the principal motivations to have the spot deep cleaned before you begin getting comfortable. The typical home cleaning service will just clean the places and surface area that you are in consistently contact with, by utilizing ordinary cleaning tools like mop and brush will not be always affective as well. A deep cleaning service is something other than what's expected that it will be, it’s an extensive and complete cleaning by covering every single corner of your home. Our expert cleaning crew will take care of interior areas of cabinets, ovens, AC vents, rooftop fans and substantially more. Your home and furniture will look again more lovely and pristine.

Microorganisms and germs are the major reasons for hypersensitive disease and they enter the home through air. Our house cleaning service in Ernakulam utilizes steam clean and endorsed synthetic compounds for killing minute organic entity and germs. Floor scrubbing is done utilizing high tech cleaning machine which will dispose of intense stains and surprisingly terrible stench from floor surface.

At My Homey we think about the need of each and every client and give customized services, provide speedy and productive assistance. Our customer care service is accessible day in and day out 24/7 and you can book the service at your convenient date and time. We give best house cleaning service in Cochin that our clients return for.

Home deep cleaning is more remarkable than a standard housekeeper/Maid cleaning your home. With the help of most modern vacuum machines and liners, our cleaning service will ensure to eliminate germs, eliminate oil from your kitchen dividers and edges, dust in your storage rooms, windows and window diagrams. Your home won't ever feel and smell this clean until you get it significant cleaned again by our specialists!


Why Choose My Homey Service

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Service available on same day

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Nontoxic chemicals used

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Most modern equipments

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Professional and highly trained technician

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Guaranteed service

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Low / best price guaranteed

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Service available on sundays

Process ofDeep Cleaning?


wiping ceiling fan blade

Light apparatuses (hand wipe set up/not eliminated)

Lamp and lampshades (cleaned or vacuumed with connection)

Light switch plates (wipe)

Blinds and screens (vacuumed or washed)

Mini-Blinds (cleaned and washed)

Stovetop and dribble dish cleaned


Focus on Furniture (cleaned, fronts, sides, legs as well as vacuumed)

All kitchen Cabinet (oil eliminate and clean)

All entryways (washed)

Pictures and odds and ends (hand cleaned)

Countertops and backsplashes (washed)

Mirrors ( wipe)

Tub/Shower tiles (twofold scoured if develop)


All Beds made (incorporates ace and any extra beds)

Stairs (vacuumed, wood washed)

All Moldings, woodwork, and window ledges (hand washed or cleaned)

Floors (cleaned with machine, vacuumed and disinfected)

Baseboards (hand washed or cleaned, reachable w/out moving furnishings)

Vacuum all floor covering zones (where bugs, creature hair, cover filaments gather)

Wastebaskets (purged/washed/relined)

The expense of cleaning relies upon your home size, beginning at as low as Rs.2000 for a studio Apartment in Cochin. In the event that your home is furnished at the hour of cleaning, our cleaning group can move your stuff around so they are not influenced. Our cleaning group will place machines on request to scrub the floor and clean the grouts in the tiling of your washroom too. This is something that you can reveal to us when you book your service and we add extra for this assistance as indicated by the customization mentioned.

Kitchen Cleaning Service

Wall Tiles are scrubbed, eliminate oil stains and washed

Chrome Fittings are cleaned and Sinks scrubbed and sanitized

Exhaust Fan and Chimney is de-lubed

Fans, Light Fixtures and Switchboards are cleaned

Each window Glass, Sills, Grills and Doors are cleaned

Every Countertops, Stove and Backsplash is cleaned and sanitized

All Electric Appliances outsides are cleaned

Floor is cleaned and wiped

Washroom Cleaning Service

Washroom Cleaning Service

Light Fixtures and Switchboards are cleaned

Every window Glass, Sills, Grills and Doors are cleaned

Cobweb expulsion, Taps, Wash bowls, WC, Shower entryways, tubs and different adornments cleaning and sanitizing

Cleaning mirrors and exhaust fan

Advantages of expert home cleaning Service

  • Focused master cleaning and Neat Surroundings
    Proficient home cleaning service in Cochin will assist you with zeroing in on the every single explicit region. Our Expert will ensure your total wreck and the stains of your home are taken consideration. These sorts of chaotic work can't be taken care of by an individual alone and the house will not be spotless as the expert does it. Appropriate machines and apparatuses are utilized to eliminate the hard stains and residue.
  • Saves your Time
    An expert cleaning administration can assist you with saving a ton of time where you will go through an entire day cleaning your home or the premises to utilize it for your other individual stuffs . It will assist you to invest more time with your friends and family and it will permit you to appreciate each second .So consistently plan as needs be and book the cleaning service in Cochin from My Homey.
  • Increase life range of your apparatuses and furniture
    Profound cleaning your home by the expert routinely assists with eliminating the gathered earth from the windows, machines and the furniture you normally keep away from. On the off chance that you have not avoided potential risk in cleaning your home consistently you may wind up influenced by the residue and the microorganisms around you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To guarantee the smooth tidying measure we propose clearing up every one of the vessels and detached the machines like Chimney coolers and so on if the house is involved. Mercifully ensure all the force focuses and the gas line are turned off . When the cleaning is over you can plug them back.

It is relying upon the size of your home, kitchen and the extent of work that we do. In any case an ordinary one bed room apartment deep cleaning takes inexact 4 to 5 hours and kitchen deep cleaning requires around 3 hours. After the service you can immediately begin utilizing the space.

My Homey deep cleaning service utilize approved industrial synthetic compounds and most current hardware. Synthetic substances and sanitizer we use are totally Non Toxic and Non dangerous.

My Homey deep cleaning service in Cochin is accessible promptly so don't stress over our accessibility. Anyway you can inform us one day earlier as certain cases we do site review before we start our cleaning service.

Indeed, you can reschedule the booking. Ensure you demand for reschedule at least before 24 hours from the actual booking time and date else there will be a change in charge

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