We will remove tough stains in your carpet to make it like brand new.

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Give your carpet a second chance with My Homey. You won't need to think the next time your baby plays on the carpet. Contact us now and we will answer all of your questions about our services for cleaning

The most widely used spot in your home by you and your guests is the floor. And if you have little kids, then they won't resist the fun of lying on the floor and fooling around. As you know a carpet is an essential element of comfort on the floor in almost every home. It's a good heat conductor, and it still blends into your interior beautifully, too.

My Homey Carpet Cleaning service in Kochi & Calicut has mastered all the skills of professional cleaning of carpets in all varieties from woolen to Persian. My Homey experts clean all removable dirt and stain by using most modern equipment and environmentally friendly products. The combination of these tools enables to clean the carpet as easily as possible and makes it germ free.

Carpets undoubtedly add warmth to any apartment, but they easily become worn out in their everyday use and are eventually stained. Mostly a spill of coffee or a drop of wine, add a bit of dust and pet dander to it. These are not things that make your carpet look new and clean, but they can also help spread disease and infections. Regular vacuuming and cleaning can extend the life of your carpet, but deeper cleaning is required to keep your carpet free of microbes and germs that evolve in it and with the time can cause allergies and diseases.

The team of certified cleaning experts from My Homey is engaged in the battle against dirt, dust and germs when it comes to professional carpet cleaning service in Kochi and Kozhikode. They know how to manage the tough stains and treat the carpet carefully.


Why Choose My Homey Service

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Service available on same day

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Nontoxic chemicals used

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Most modern equipments

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Professional and highly trained technician

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Guaranteed service

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Low / Best Price Guaranteed

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

Service available on Sundays

Carpet Cleaning Calicut

My Homey unique way of cleaning your Carpet

Vacuuming with the latest equipment, which is able to remove dust from the inside, yet to be gentle to the fabrics.

Sample testing will be done to know the sensitivity of carpet.

Scrub the carpet using Carpet cleaning machine by applying an eco-friendly solution.

Removal of stains and dirt from the carpet using special carpet shampoo.

Disinfecting with eco-friendly and non-allergic solutions.

Drying process starts at the end by using a blower machine.

Drying helps to prevent microbes from spreading, because if they remain wet for a long time germs start evolving and this might cause health problems.

Odor treatment up on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes off course, My Homey unique way of cleaning carpets will eliminate foul smell from carpet. We use approved chemicals and we do odor treatment once your carpet shampooing service is completed.

It majorly depends on the type of the carpet. Cleaning a carpet or carpeted floor won’t take more than an hour but what matters is the drying time. On an average, carpet takes a minimum of 3 hours to dry. Our trained professional will make sure to clean your carpet for a lesser drying time.

We recommend you to avoid walking or placing your furniture on the carpet before it gets dry completely. Please start using the carpet once it gets dry fully.

Price will be charged depending on the size and number of carpet.

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