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Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

After a long day at work, all you want to do is come home and cuddle up on the couch with your television for some quality time. The sofa in your living room is the most utilized piece of furniture, but have you ever worried if it is clean? You may spend hours scrubbing your sofa just to discover that bacteria, dust mites, and dust particles are still present. Experts recommend that you have your sofa cleaned every six months by employing professional sofa cleaning services so that you can spend hours on it without worrying about the negative consequences of a dirty sofa.

We at My Homey offer the best couch and chair cleaning services in Bangalore at very reasonable prices. We clean, disinfect, and remove marks from your sofa, restoring it to like-new condition. Your front room is defined by your sofa, and a clean sofa not only improves the aroma of your space but also extends the life of your sofa by a few years. Our Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore will make you delighted and provide you with a relaxing sofa experience.

The sofa cleaning services provided at My Homey

Our specialists perform Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore and ensure that all tough stains are removed as well as every nook and cranny, leaving you with a spotless sofa. We tailor our couch and chair cleaning services to your specific requirements, whether you require extra thorough cleaning or just a simple wash. We also offer sofa dry cleaning services to ensure that the couch is not left wet after being washed. By offering you high-quality sofa cleaning services, we ensure that all of your requirements and demands are met. Book our sofa cleaning services and we'll send a skilled staff right to your home.

We offer professional couch and chair cleaning services in Bangalore, and we guarantee a high-quality cleaning service. We start by inspecting the upholstery to determine what kind of cleaning your sofa requires. The removal of dust and sand is then done with the help of industrial vacuum cleaners. Approved and tested chemical is used to remove any spots or stains. Finally, a thorough cleaning is performed utilizing the hot water extraction method to remove any residual cleaning chemicals and water. If all of this sounds too much for you, you can always hire us for sofa cleaning services, and we'll take care of everything.

If you've been considering giving your sofa a full deep cleaning, your quest has come to an end. Book sofa cleaning services in Bengaluru with My Homey's specialists.

Tips to cleaning the sofa in a professional way

Furniture will consistently be one of your greatest and most significant indoor assets. Right? Coincidentally finding new one-of-a-kind and agreeable furniture plans consistently satisfy us. Isn't that right? Couches, particularly are the ideal item to add some tone and a smidgen of disposition into a home. On the off chance that you investigate texture couches, they are very comfortable and agreeable. Couches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some, in any event, having removable and launder able pads. Regular fixings can be utilized to clean cotton-mix or material couches, however, try not to utilize any hued towels or wipes, as the colour in it might change the shade of your couch.

Did you know by cleaning your couches with expert cleaners at normal stretches builds the utility worth of your furnishings? Studies likewise show it is important to clean non-removable couch covers, at any rate, multiple times in a month, as these covers are dim in shading, bugs may make home toward the edges of the couch. The residue on the couches additionally causes tingling, hack, and skin-related sicknesses. In blustery season, one should consistently deal with the couch from horrendous scents. In the event that you have a pet at home, guarantee you clean your pet routinely. However, the horrible strikes while you spot intense stains and spills on your couches. Spills will undoubtedly happen every once in a while, at the same time, the undertaking of cleaning your couches without anyone else is a difficult task and close to incomprehensible

At My Homey, our experts consistently have an eye for detail, we are appraised as one of the top couch cleaning specialist organizations in Bangalore. The cleaning administrations we give will guarantee every one of the soil colors and scents are eliminated from your furnishings. We additionally have practical experience in eliminating pet stains evacuation, sleeping cushion cleaning, moving in and moving out cleaning. Why give yourself a migraine for the couch cleaning service at your home? Put resources into a moderately proficient couch cleaning team here in Bangalore and experience the difference! Experience the My Homey Advantage

Our professional sofa cleaning services include these:

  • Extend the life of your sofas with eco-friendly substances
  • Remove household dust and dust mites
  • Remove unpleasant odors from the sofa through odor remove treatment.
  • Remove tough stains from the sofas using world class approved chemical.
  • Complete High powered Vacuuming process performed by expert professionals using most modern equipment.

We at My Homey consistently take drives to deal with the environment, we just utilize safe cleaning, eco well-disposed materials to secure the environment. At the point when you put us to task, we bet you'll be more than happy with our fantastic administrations by our expert couch cleaning specialists. For profound cleaning administrations, we utilize steam cleaning which includes the expulsion of the hardest stains from your couches, in addition to the fact that it removes the stains and scents leaves the couches smelling fragrant for quite a while.

For sensitive cleaning, we utilize profound vacuuming which includes applying low dampness froths and cleaning materials to ensure your calfskin or silk textures. By extricating all dirt from the profound vacuuming, those aggravating spots and stains on your couches transform into a new fragrance that certainly will add to the state of mind in the house. We generally base our expert cleaning administration on consumer loyalty and anticipate seeing you.


Why Choose My Homey Service

Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

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Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

Nontoxic chemicals used

Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

Most modern equipments

Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

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Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

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Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

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Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

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Sofa cleaning service in Bangalore

My Homey unique way of cleaning your sofa

Sofa Shampooing cleaning starts with vacuuming the sofa with high-powered vacuum cleaners.

Depending on the type of fabric, we choose the best product to apply on a sofa. We choose natural eco-friendly solutions for shampooing and disinfecting.

Stains are removed using either machines or manually using professional fabric shampoo.

Leather will be cleaned using leather care products to remove tough stains and dirt.

Excess water is extracted from the sofa.

A second round of vacuum deep cleaning ensures that shampoo and dirt is removed.

Competitive drying time around 4 hours depending on the fiber type used in the sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do clean & polish Leather sofa and make it look like a brand new.

Yes, there is a minimum amount of Rupee 700 that you need to book in order to avail our Sofa Cleaning Service in Cochin, Sofa Cleaning Bangalore & Calicut.

We generally use equipment like extract and inject machines, Vacuum cleaner, hand brushes, scrubber & microfiber duster in sofa cleaning service in Kozhikode and Kochi.

An average of 30 minutes usually takes to clean one seater or sofa. But it varies according to the fabric and size of the sofa.

It varies according to the situation. However, on average, a sofa takes at least 4 hours to dry after the service is done.

My Homey Sofa cleaning price varies according to the type of sofa. For a three seater sofa we charge of 700 rupee.

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