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Disinfection & Sanitization Service in Calicut

Ensure the safety of yourself and your family from the corona virus pandemic with the assistance from My Homey disinfection & sanitization & fogging service in Calicut city and all around the Kozhikode district- Book our disinfection service 24/7 via Call- 09895040101 or Whatsapp or email or website

Social distancing, lockdowns, self isolation are the best way to control the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19). In any case, absolute lockdown for long-term is a theoretical idea. As we as a whole need the day by day fundamentals, hence at times we need to head outside, to get them and have the higher chance to get infected with the virus.

The major question arises is the importance of disinfection and fumigation of our premises, whether it be your house or it be your office premises .several question arises connected with this scenario the frequency of the disinfection service, the method of doing it, the professionals whom we should approach.

The COVID-19 infection spreads principally through beads of spit or release from the nose when a contaminated individual hacks or sniffles, so it's significant that you additionally practice respiratory manners (for instance, by hacking into a flexed elbow).Apart from that it is very important for us to ensure self cleanliness as well as cleaniliess of our premises in order to reduce the chances of getting affected by the corona virus. According to experts opinion the conventional and normal cleaning may not be sufficient to tackle the issue of coronavirus , proper disinfection, fumigation and sanitization services should be rendered from the professionals.

Are you searching for disinfection service, or fumigation service in Calicut city or in and around Kozhikode district? If yes your search ends here at My Homey disinfection & sanitization & fogging service in Calicut. Regardless of whether you might want to clean or disinfect your home or vehicle or office or any structure in Calicut city or around anywhere in Kozhikode district, we ensure the best proficient sanitization, fumigation service will be given at your doorstep at the best cost accessible on the market.

Covid 19 or coronavirus spreads from one individual to another through close contacts. At the point when individuals with Coronavirsu or Covid 19 inhale out or hack, they oust minuscule beads that contain the virus. These drops can enter the mouth or nose of somebody without the virus, making a disease spread in a faster rate. The most widely recognized way that this virus spreads is through close contact with somebody who has the contamination. Close contact is inside around 6 feet as per experts. Drops containing the infection can likewise arrive on close by surfaces or objects. Others can get the infection by contacting these surfaces or items. Contamination is likely to happen in the event that the individual, contacts their nose, eyes, or mouth. Ensuring proper cleaning and regular disinfection & sanitization of overall surface or frequent touchpoints are very essential to curb this virus.

My Homey disinfection service- Calicut gives proper care in ensuring the disinfection of the high contact touchpoints/ surfaces

High-contact surfaces to clean and sanitize

Each house and office or buildings is unique, yet basic high-contact surfaces include: Door handles, tables, seats, handrails, kitchen and washroom surfaces, taps, latrines, light switches, cell phones, PCs, tablets, consoles, controllers, game regulators and most loved toys, elevators, computers, laptops, bio metric sensors.

What to use for proper cleaning and disinfection

In the event that a surface is dirty or filthy, first clean it with cleanser and water. Then, at that point utilize a sanitizer item containing liquor (of around 70%) or fade. Vinegar and other characteristic items are not suggested.

The most effective method to sanitize

It's significant not to clear wiping arrangements off when you've applied it to a surface. Numerous sanitizer items, like wipes and showers, need to remain wet on a surface for a few minutes to be viable. Continuously read the bearings to ensure you're utilizing the items as prescribed and to try not to harm delicate things like cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Think about utilizing wipeable covers for hardware.

Always take the assistance of expert cleaners like My Homey Calicut- Disinfection & fogging service for maximum results.

Major high contact points include

  • Tables
  • Keyboards
  • Light switches
  • Handles
  • Faucets and sinks
  • Touch screens
  • Taps, kettles
  • Doorknobs
  • Toilets
  • Countertops
  • Desks Phones
  • Gas pump handles
  • ATM machines and many more
  • Supermarket trollies and baskets

Fumigation & Disinfection is key

Individual tidiness and social distancing are the most effective steps of controlling the Covid far and wide to break the chain of illness. The contamination can remain on surfaces for up to a couple of days, regardless, making it a danger to others using structures. For inhabitants or workplaces or any associations that are searching for a free from any danger climate legitimate cleaning with sanitization and fumigation services are the fundamental measures. Appropriate disinfecting guarantees our security. My Homey sanitization/fumigation service in Calicut guarantees the most secure premises you want for

My Homey Calicut Disinfection/ Fumigation Services Recommended Industries:

My Homey Kozhikode disinfection/ fumigation Services are ideal for any high-traffic business that intend to protect its customers and staff from the unseen dangers of Covid viruses, and other bacteria, and fungi that are surrounding them. The service is recommended for all types of industries, but certain industries are must do:

Our disinfection/ fumigation services Offered to

  • Residential Building
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Daycares, Schools & Universities
  • Children's Recreation Centers
  • Hospitals / Clinics
  • Shopping Centers
  • Vehicles/ Public Transportation Vehicles & Centers
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restaurants & Food Services
  • Grocery & Convenience Stores
  • Lobbies, Waiting Rooms & Reception Areas
  • Office Environments
  • Hotels
  • Construction sites
  • Gymnasiums
  • Theatres / Movie Centers

Why Choose My Homey Disinfection Service

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99.99 % germs & virus kills

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Certified & hospital grade disinfectant

Disinfection Services Calicut

Most modern equipment

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Specific touch point treatment

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How My Homey Operate

My Homey professionals wear full personal protective equipments (PPE Kit).

Certified & hospital grade disinfectant used ( Non Toxic & Eco Friendly ).

The entire premises is fumigated & sprayed using most modern equipments.

All frequent touch points like door handles, switch boards, handrails, desktops, chair handles etc are completely sprayed and wiped with micro fiber cloth.

Special attention will be given to electronic equipments like computers, printers etc.

Floor surface area is sanitized and mopped thoroughly.

Service time takes 30 minutes to 2 hours ( Depending on the size of the property).

The area can be ready to be used after 1 hour of service completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the chemicals used are certified to kill the corona virus (as per manufacture’s claim)

The entire premises is fumigated & sprayed with chemicals using most modern equipments. All frequent touch points like door handles, switch boards, handrails, desktops, chair handles, computers, keyboards etc are completely sprayed and wiped with micro fiber cloth. Entire floor surface area is sanitized and mopped thoroughly.

Yes, the disinfectants we are using are Non toxic, Non corrosive and non hazardous in nature. They are biodegradable and eco friendly chemicals.

My Homey disinfection services is suitable for all kinds of premises, we offer disinfection service for

  • Home
  • Schools
  • Commercial Centers
  • Vehicles
  • Hospitals
  • Auditorium
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Multiplexes

Yes, We recommend not to enter the premises for at least 1 hour from the service completion. Proper ventilation should be ensured after the service.

Service time will take 30 minutes to 2 hours (Depending on the size of the property).

Yes, My Homey disinfection service is totally safe for childrens. we use only approved & non toxic chemicals . We recommend to vacate the place during the service and use the premises only after one hour with proper ventilation.

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