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You might have a spotless house, but your mattress, the space you're spending 1/3 of your life in, might be with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria, and viruses that have been medically proven to cause many health issues including asthma, allergies, eczema, and morning fatigue. ...

Dead skins shed during our sleep are the main contributors to the continuous reproduction of dust mites and other microorganisms in our mattresses, alongside sweat and humidity.

Considering how deeply ingrained impurities are in your mattress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that begins with good night's sleep and managing medical conditions requires diligent continuous treatment

At My Homey we provide Eco-friendly and chemical-free deep cleaning and sanitizing treatment having no odor, no drying time; and it is completely safe for any kind of mattress, sofa, carpet, curtains, upholstery, and other soft furniture. We offer you pure deep sleep. Call now and get the best mattress cleaning service in kochi and Kozhikode.


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My Homey unique way of cleaning mattress

Dry Vacuuming. Before getting into the deep-cleaning, surface debris or particles from the surface of the mattress must be removed first.

Shampooing. Spraying shampoo with the machine into the entire mattress.

Manual Scrubbing. Using soft-bristled brush, surfaces are brushed gently not to damage the fabric to break up the spots and release dirt.

Removing Stain. If a specific stain is still present, stain remover is applied.

Wet Vacuuming. Removing the shampoo in the entire fabric through vacuum.

Drying process starts at the end by using a blower machine.

Spraying/Vacuuming water with the machine. Repeating the process as necessary till shampoo is cleansed and water is completely absorbed.

Drying. 75% of the mattress gets dry at the same time of cleaning. Let the mattress air-dry. Just leave the mattress alone until it air-dries completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

We generally use equipment like extract and inject machines, Vacuum cleaners, hand brushes, scrubber & microfiber duster in mattress cleaning service in Kozhikode and Kochi.

An average of 60 minutes usually takes to clean one mattress. But it varies according to the fabric condition of the mattress.

It varies according to the situation. However on average, a mattress takes at least 4 hours to dry after the service is done.

Of course we clean both sides of the mattress as well as all the sides and corners of the mattress. In addition to that we clean two pillows as complementary service.

My Homey mattress cleaning price varies according to the condition of the mattress. However our normal mattress cleaning charge is 750 only. We confirm the price only after inspection

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