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In the wake of a difficult day at work, the primary thing you would like to do is cuddle up on your sofa watching your favorite TV channels. This could be making you feel the most comfortable. However, have you ever wondered how polluted your sofa could be? Dust mites, bugs, microscopic organisms & dust particles contaminate and pollute your beautiful couch. Specialists suggest cleaning your sofa once in six months to make it hygienic, safe and more over to look brand new.

Deep cleaning your sofa from time to time is of utmost importance. Moving to a new house or apartment is also one event for mandatory deep cleaning of the sofa before you start your seat in. Our skilled experts will help you to remove bacteria, germs, stains and even smells from surfaces of sofa much more effectively than the regular dry cleaning. At My Homey, we understand every single customer's need and provide easy, fast and efficient service. Our support team is open 24/7 and can book the service any time of the day at your will. We offer the best cleaning service for both fabric and leather sofa. Now you can book our service at your doorstep hassle free.

Why Should I avail Sofa cleaning service?

  • To extend your sofa lifespan. We regularly go to our lounges to sit on the Sofa and Plan for the up and coming end of the week forward to sit in front of the TV with companions. Sadly Sofa is recolored and it takes usual professional cleaning to spare the sofa for longer. So you can enjoy sitting on a freshly washed, attractive sofa really easily.
  • To remove fixed stains and spots. With the time pet dander, spots from coffee, wine, and other marks are left on your sofa, so soaping and washing doesn’t work any longer. Ordinary tools and materials are not effective to clean upholstery deeply and profoundly. Experts in Sofa cleaning service in Calicut from My Homey know how to remove stains of any type and difficulty.
  • To keep your apartment safe and healthy. Upholstery on your sofa may serve as the natural environment for germs and microbes spreading. Disinfectants used by My Homey team would effectively fight allergy-causing microorganisms. Pets eventually leave dander, which is incredibly difficult to wipe off your sofa. We only use natural products which are safe for your family and friends and it’s non-allergic.

Frequency for Sofa cleaning service to be availed

There are many factors depends on the period to clean your sofa, factors like how often you use the sofa, number of members in the family, pets , location of the sofa, area of the residence or office, air conditioned rooms or not etc. Few basic scenarios where you need to clean your sofa according to experts are listed below.

  • Every six months
  • As soon as any visible stain or spots are noted.
  • After moving out to new premises.
  • After having a party in the premises.
  • After availing a general cleaning service of the premises.

At My Homey, through our expert cleaners, provides affordable sofa cleaning service in Calicut. We clean, vacuum, sanitize and remove all spots from your sofa making it look brand new. Our process goes as follows

  • Survey: Our expert team carefully surveys your sofa to understand its construction, fabric used and fillers. This helps to decide the cleaning method and the products to be used.
  • Dry soil removal: Once the sofa is surveyed thoroughly, it is then cleaned and vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove dust, sand and soil. This process helps to removes pet hair or any other small solid material stuck to the fabric.
  • Stains and Spots: Stains and Spots, if any, are removed using the right industrial approved biodegradable chemical agents.
  • Pre-spray and agitation: Once the spots are cleared, approved and appropriate cleaning agent is applied on the sofa. We carefully worked onto the sofa and allowed to the chemical to penetrate the fiber and remove any grease or oil particles attached. If it is leather sofa leather cleaning materials and polish will be used.
  • Extraction: During this stage, a hot/cold water extraction machine will be used to extract the water and cleaning agent. Machine with twin vacuum motor will be used for maximum succession of water and cleaning agent thereby reducing the drying time.

Steps to follow after sofa cleaning service

  • Every six months
  • After cleaning your sofa will look like brand new and ready to use, but approximately Competitive drying time around 4 hours depending should be considered on the fabric type.
  • Even for leather sofa proper ventilation should be provided after cleaning.


Why Choose My Homey Service

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Service available on same day

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Nontoxic chemicals used

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Most modern equipments

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

Professional and highly trained technician

Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

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Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

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Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

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Sofa Cleaning Service in Calicut

My Homey unique way of cleaning your sofa

Sofa Shampooing cleaning starts with vacuuming the sofa with high-powered vacuum cleaners.

Depending on the type of fabric, we choose the best product to apply on a sofa. We choose natural eco-friendly solutions for shampooing and disinfecting.

Stains are removed using either machines or manually using professional fabric shampoo.

Leather will be cleaned using leather care products to remove tough stains and dirt.

Excess water is extracted from the sofa.

A second round of vacuum deep cleaning ensures that shampoo and dirt is removed.

Competitive drying time around 4 hours depending on the fiber type used in the sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do clean & polish Leather sofa and make it look like a brand new.

Yes, there is a minimum amount of Rupee 700 that you need to book in order to avail our sofa cleaning service in Cochin & Calicut.

We generally use equipment like extract and inject machines, Vacuum cleaner, hand brushes, scrubber & microfiber duster in sofa cleaning service in Kozhikode and Kochi.

An average of 30 minutes usually takes to clean one seater or sofa. But it varies according to the fabric and size of the sofa.

It varies according to the situation. However, on average, a sofa takes at least 4 hours to dry after the service is done.

My Homey Sofa cleaning price varies according to the type of sofa. For a three seater sofa we charge of 700 rupee.

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