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As with most things in life, the better you care for them, the longer they will last. The same goes for septic tanks. Maintaining and cleaning a septic tank properly is very important. We should not ignore our septic tanks or sewage pits. if ignored they will become clogged with scum and sludge which will cause more harm to the environment and to our families. Inspecting and pumping the tanks regularly is very important to maintaining the cleanliness of the tanks. The process of cleaning an septic tank can be complex, as there are several variables to consider. Septic tank cleaning services need a specialist team to address the vast drainage network. Additionally, there is hazardous waste that must be handled. To do this, you must hire professional septic tank cleaning service, teams.

Are you looking for septic tank cleaning services near you? Then look no further than My Homey septic tank cleaning services. My Homey Service provides you with septic tank cleaning experts when you need them. We provide quick and reliable septic tank cleaning services across Kerala. We have professional septic tank cleaners near you who can clean any type of septic tank regardless of its present condition. Our My Homey platform lets you hassle-free booking services in Kerala and Bangalore via online /offline. For bookings, visit our official website, send an email, or call us – 09895040101 or Toll Free No: 1800 891 9778.

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What Is the Recommended Cleaning Period for A Septic Tank?

Many people wonder how often they should clean their septic tanks. Septic tanks cleaning service should be done on a regular basis. Several factors also contribute to how frequently you need to clean it. Inspection and assessment of cleaning a septic tank should occur on average every two to three years. There are several factors to consider when cleaning a septic tank, including:

  • Number of people living in your home?
  • The amount of wastewater you generate and pump?
  • The size of the septic tank installed
  • If your septic tank is too small for your property or if you use excessive amounts of water in your household, you will need to clean it more frequently. As a preventative measure, My Homey advises you to maintain the septic tanks regularly to ensure that they function properly.

Is it Possible to Extend the Time Between Septic Tank Cleanings?

Would you like to extend the time between septic tank cleanings? Enhancing water efficiency can add a lot to cleaning septic tanks. Reducing wastewater generated can reduce the frequency of cleaning septic tanks. You will be able to take longer between septic tank cleanings when your septic tank is less stressed.

Some ways to reduce water consumption are:

  • Using high-efficiency toilets and showerheads
  • Repairing leaks and drips as soon as possible
  • Spreading out the use of the washing machine
  • Disposing of waste products properly
  • It is important to remember that everything that goes down your drains will affect the schedule of your septic tank cleaning service.

Does it Make Sense to Do Septic Cleaning Yourself?

You probably shouldn't attempt to clean your septic tank on your own. It is mandatory to store and dispose of any pumped-out material under strict government regulations and also in authorized places. Even the smallest error can result in serious health problems. There is no room for error. Its always better to choose professional septic cleaning services. Choose My Homey septic tank cleaning services. Our experts will visit your location, troubleshoot the fault, and recommend services accordingly. They will inspect the septic tank for leaks or clogs. Their next step is to determine if a cleaning is needed and the time it will take to get your septic tank clean. Septic tanks should be drained if the bottom scum layer is within six inches of the preventative outlet or if the top sludge layer is within 12 inches of the outlet. Septic tank cleaning service team from My Homey will complete the work quickly.

A regular septic tank cleaning can save you money, maintain the value of your home, and keep your family healthy. My Homey's septic tank cleaning professionals will save you time and money. With 24/7 emergency support available to the entire state of Kerala, My Homey septic tank cleaning service is the best option for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

My Homey professional team will follow scientifically approved procedures with all the necessary equipments and machinery to clean your septic tank / sewage pit.

We provide septic tank cleaning service across Kerala. In Cochin and Calicut 24/7 Emergency support Service is also available.

The waste is disposed off by professionals as per the Kerala government guidelines in authorized location only.

The charges are calculated based on the nature of the service and location. It will depend on the size and/or number of sewage pits.

Typically a septic tank cleaning service takes to 1 hour to 2 hour. But it could vary depending upon the size, location and the condition of the said tank.

Yes, for corporate companies and flats, villas we do provide AMC service.

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Incase if you are not availing the service you have to pay the inspection charge of Rs.300+ GST if the site inspection is done.

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